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HOUSE HABITAT Дома в стиле модерн
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The exterior beauty of a home often stems directly from the choice of its primary construction material, with some materials having long been favoured over others for reasons of both form and function. This diverse series of 7 homes all prevalently feature wood as part of their facade, demonstrating both its popularity and versatility, even in modern architecture.

The reasons for this popularity are obvious: while both pliable and easy to come by, wood exudes a sense of warmth and tradition, having been used to construct a wide range of dwellings over the course of human history. 

The homes below showcase some great ideas to celebrate this wonderful design material when building or remodelling your own abode. Take a tour and get inspired!

1. Cubist and contemporary

Sam's Creek homify Дома в стиле модерн

Sam's Creek


This design employs both a contemporary construction and a range of contrasting timber tones to create a very special dwelling. 

The home's lofty structure reveals an expansive interior brimming with modern luxury, while the combination of dark, medium and pale timber tones used to construct the facade beautifully displays the diverse palette available to those seeking to build with wood.

2. Country-style wood cabin


Nothing exudes a sense of cosy comfort more than a traditional, wood cabin, with this design ticking all the boxes when it comes to modern style, mixed with hints of tradition. 

The timber panels constructing the home's exterior have been beautifully crafted, while the tones of the window shutters and verandah beams enhance the home's aesthetic with a subtle sense of contrast.

3. A more modern facade

HOUSE HABITAT Дома в стиле модерн

To add an even greater sense of modernity to a wooden home it's possible to experiment with a geometric design, as demonstrated by the angular lines of this dwelling's construction. The timber beams used here have been painted a deep rust tone, which contrasts beautifully against the home's surrounding greenery, adding another modern element to its design.

4. A lofty treehouse

This extraordinary construction adds a fairytale element to a modern timber abode. Nestled amongst the treetops on long, sturdy stilts, this amazing home presents an almost post-modern design, perfect for those seeking to make an architectural statement!

The atmosphere inside

A glimpse at the home's interior and its evident that the interior architect truly sought to think outside the box when developing this masterpiece. 

The white decor and furnishings are perfect to capture the sunlight flowing into the space, while ample windows allow the occupants to wallow in the splashes of colour streaming in from their woodland surrounds.

5. The contemporary cottage

This fiery red cottage presents just as striking a facade as the fairytale treehouse seen previously, with its vibrancy definitely drawing the gaze of passers by! Cleverly, the designers have sought to balance the home's eye-catching colour with a simple construction, as the symmetry of this modern cottage helps to soothe its glowing red exterior. 

6. Rustic wooden interior

Classic wooden details need not only be used to augment the exterior of a home, with these beautiful, rustic beams, adding a serene sense of history to this home's interior. Their flaking, white paint augments the rustic style of this loft, while a raft of modern skylights have been included to help illuminate the space.

7. Chic, modern style

NOEM Дома в стиле модерн

We'll leave you with this stunning, modern construction, which manages to blend a luxurious, contemporary design with the warmth of traditional wooden panels, which line the home's facade. Its curved, white edges display a fresh design element, softening the otherwise crisp lines of the abode's boxy construction, while understated timber decking carves a pleasant path down to this inviting swimming pool.

For more ideas on how to augment the exterior of your home, take a look at these 20 small house facades you must see before changing yours!

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