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This Old Home Gets A Quirky (Official) Hat

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Helwig Haus und Raum Planungs GmbH Балконы и веранды в эклектичном стиле
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Are you keen to see something truly unusual, quirky and architecturally exquisite? Then this building which houses an architectural firm will surely take your breath away with its eccentric lines, angles and peaks. Locatedin the German town of Lorsch, this structure was creatively rendered by the architects at Helwig House and Spatial Planning GMBH, to make a stunning statement in the neighbourhood. To this end, an existing house was revamped incredibly by combining unique textures and designs and customized polygonal surfaces. The office is an enticing on the outside as it is on the inside. 

A striking facade

Crafted from prefabricated timber frame walls and equipped with a steel supporting structure, this building looks simply stunning and one of a kind. The polygonal surfaces have been artfully positioned at various angles with each other, while bronze metal shingles add pizzazz and texture to the white walls. Neat windows punctuate the facade to let sunlight flood the interiors, while a sleek white staircase takes you directly to the mezzanine level.

Picturesque rear view

Nestled amidst verdant greens, the office building stands tall and catches the attention of any onlooker with its striking appearance. Bronze metal shingles add flair to the white exterior walls on the backside as well, with balconies peeping out stylishly.

Pure white and trendy

Spotless white interiors bank on earthy-hued floors for a dash of warmth, while quirkily positioned windows offer an ultramodern aura here. The board room arrangement is pristine white, sleek and minimalistic, with the table sloping to meet the floor in an unusual manner. And the square niches in the wall concealing the staircase cater to storage and display needs with equal panache.

Industrial chic beauty

The unusually rendered ceiling of the office space makes use of sturdy steel frames to maintain its bearings. White walls complement grey steel with grace, while the wooden floor lends comfort and warmth here. Simple but elegant shelves make organisation easy here, while large glass windows ensure natural illumination and ventilation.

Minimalistic bathroom

Rendered dominantly in pure white, the neat, clean and minimalistic bathroom boasts of sleek fixtures, modish sanitary wares and a dash of wooden warmth. The shower space is separated with clear glass panels which enhance the feeling of openness and spaciousness in the bathroom.

Stunning terrace

Futuristic peaks and angles along with gleaming metal shingles make the unique rooftop terrace a very stylish space for open air rejuvenation. Glass doors and windows separate this space from the interiors, allowing a sophisticated integration of the indoors and outdoors. And the view you get to enjoy from here is simply mind-blowing.  

What an out of the world office building this is right? For more inspiration, take another tour - The Sun Powers These Modern Homes.

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