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7 easy ways to shape up your house

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Shaping up your home has never been easier than with homify's quick and easy guide. Most of these options will provide you with an opportunity to make your home look brand new in seven easy steps, and all of them are incredibly budget-friendly. You don't need all new furnishings and expensive shopping trips when the most difference exists within the details.

Proper upkeep, maintenance and colours go a long way when it's time to make a great first impression on family and cocktail party guests. So read below and get your home looking perfect in no time!

1. The impact of the facade

First impressions last a lifetime, even if they end up being wrong – just ask any interior designer. So, your guests can either laugh at their first impression or see it as a genuine, heart-felt welcome. 

To shape up your home, start with the exterior. Tend to your landscaping and garden, reprint over areas where it may be chipping and keep glass and wood surfaces clean and kept up – even in winter when you might not feel like it! Also – lighting can be a make or break technique when used on home exteriors and facades!

2. The beauty of the living room

As the living room is one of the communal and most-used areas of the home, the aesthetic beauty of it can be of the utmost importance. Not only do the furnishings need to be comfortable and functional, but the details need to be tended to as well. 

A fresh clean environment is necessary to start off on the right foot and adding accessories within a limited colour scheme is a great start. Check out the candle-lit fireplace here and the lighting which strategically highlights both the great windows and staircase!

For spectular ideas of how to decorate your living room, click here!

3. The simplicity of the dining room

The dining room should be left to its original function –  providing a clean and nice area to relax and socialise with friends and family. Make sure it's clean at all times and for a touch of minimalistic simplicity, simply add a fresh bouquet of flowers before guests arrive to show you pay attention to details and want the dinner to be a sensory experience! 

Never chooose flowers or plants that have an overpowering smell, as this can effect your dinner!

4. The design of the kitchen

Perhaps in no other area of the home is design and convenience more important. Your kitchen should support its function: Cooking. 

Top-quality appliances, accessibility to utensils and ingredients and clean surfaces are a quick way to make sure your kitchen is dinner-party-ready in no time! 

5. The style of the bathroom

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Bathrooms are smaller, efficient spaces that both you and guests will frequent most often. Making sure you bathroom is clean and hygienic should be your first priority – adding style comes in at a close second. 

Continue the interior theme of your home in your bathroom as not to make this space seem like a forgotten, useless area. Simply add colour, one or two smaller decorative accessories and make sure all surfaces are wiped perfectly clean.

6. The environment of the bedroom

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For the more private sphere of your life, you can let your imagination run wild! The bedroom is the one area of your home that can fulfill all that your heart desires. For a perfect bedroom environment consider the comfort of your linens and accessories, great storage for proper clothing care and mood lighting to set the tone for either play time, or efficient morning time.

If you're looking to decorate your bedroom on a budget, you've come to the right place.

7. Brighten the interior of the house

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Not only is colour an affordable away to change and shape up your home, it can also create the illusion of more depth and space in smaller homes if carefully considered. Starting with lighter, more neutral base colours is a great way to brighten the interior of your home. Want to add splashes of bold, darker colours? That's fine too, but perhaps use feature walls as a means to complete this task so as not to make your home look smaller.

Shaping up your home for a new season or a upcoming party are well worth the effort and we hope these tips and tricks have inspired you to do so!


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