44 pallet ideas that you can directly copy

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44 pallet ideas that you can directly copy

April Kennedy April Kennedy
 в . Автор – amiko espacios, Рустикальный
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Wooden pallets are just about the most versatile source of inspiration for the DIY inclined among us. They're cheap and rough so is doesn't matter if it takes a few attempts to get the project just right. They are also really sturdy, so if you do things right, your wooden pallet furniture or feature will hold up over time. If you like your furniture with a more polished look, that are also lots of ways to add a little gloss to a pallet project. So, prepare yourself to get inspired as we take you through a series of 44 pallet ideas to copy. There's definitely something here for everyone!

1. Seating for a marvellous garden and terrace

2. A nice coffee table with a simple finish and some legs

 в . Автор – amiko espacios, Рустикальный

3. Eco-friendly living look: this can also be used indoors!

 в . Автор – amiko espacios, Рустикальный

4. A pallet coffee table that can be used anywhere in the garden by adding four wheels

5. A pallet couch… why not!

6. Paint the pallet to match the room

7. The perfect hardy approach to outdoor furniture

8. Who says pallet furniture can't be comfortable?

9. Sophisticated and tropical

10. A sitting area in white

 в . Автор – Paletten-Style, Лофт Дерево Эффект древесины

11. Sturdy and unique with a dark stain

 в . Автор – Biogibson, Лофт Дерево Эффект древесины

12. Warm and cosy pallet sofa

 в . Автор – Pallet furniture uk, Эклектичный
Pallet furniture uk

Garden corner unit

Pallet furniture uk

13. Palettes that pass as fine furniture

 в . Автор – Equilibra, Рустикальный

14. How about adding some colour to the garden?

 в . Автор – Equilibra, Рустикальный

15. All you need to do is add some cut glass!

16. Accent lighting for a dramatic approach

18. Palette deck chairs in vibrant primary colours – phew!

19. You can also create decorative furniture

 в . Автор – asdf, Рустикальный

20. Cheap and easy – and perfect for a light meal

21. A bed and sofa in one!

 в современный. Автор – Camila Feriato, Модерн Дерево Эффект древесины

22. A pale pallet bed with a headboard

 в . Автор – Biogibson, Рустикальный

23. Simple pallet bed

 в . Автор – homify, Лофт

24. An original bed base

25. Push the design even further

 в . Автор – Biogibson, Рустикальный

26. Or keep it small and simple

27. Create the world's cheapest bedside table

 в . Автор – starg, Рустикальный

28. Shabby chic bedside table

 в . Автор – Piggledy Pallet Furniture, Минимализм Дерево Эффект древесины
Piggledy Pallet Furniture

Pallet Bedside Table

Piggledy Pallet Furniture

29. Recycled dinner table

 в . Автор – La maison, Лофт

30. A boho reading nook

31. The perfect accompaniment for vintage lovers

32. A stylish solution with glass and white paint

33. It doesn't have to look cheap…

Гостиная в . Автор – LAVRADIO DESIGN, Рустикальный

34. A multipurpose approach

35. An entire room filled with crates

Рабочие кабинеты в . Автор – homify, Лофт

36. Rotate the pallet to create a shelf

 в . Автор – Palettano, Рустикальный

37. Who would have guessed it's cheap?!

38. Wall-mounted storage

39. A bright idea for gardeners

40. Perfect for a plant stand

41. Pallet steps

42. Beautiful hanging garden

 в . Автор – Pop up Pallets, Лофт

43. Environmentally-friendly design

 в . Автор – Pop up Pallets, Лофт

44. We can't think of anything better than a pallet wall!

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