30 great ways to make your TV a star of your home

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30 great ways to make your TV a star of your home

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Most of us have a television in our living room but is there a way to make it a bit less of an eyesore and more in-keeping with the wider home design scheme? Actually, there is! By opting to add a bespoke television surround or mounting system, you can make sure that your beautiful styling isn't disrupted by a large electrical addition. 

We've found some amazing examples of television surrounds that have been put in place by visionary interior designers so, if you're considering one for your home, take a look at these first and decide if anything really stands out and which materials would be perfect for your home!

1. Wood and wallpaper

2. Rustic horizontal planks

3. Wood and plastic double plinth

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4. Laminate wall coating

6. Amazing texture!

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7. Faceted wall finish

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8. Inset into built-in storage

10. A minimal frame in a wider shelving system

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11. Surrounded by colour

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Style Within

TV Wall Unit

Style Within

12. Freestanding and simple

13. Part of a display cabinet

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14. Centred focal point

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16. White and sleek

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18. Honey-toned wood

20. Home cinema style

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22. Subtle and understated

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23. Simply built-into the wall

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24. Pole-mounted for angle adjustment

25. Offset angles for a dynamic display

27. Textured stone and rustic wood

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28. Ultra-minimal

29. Eclectic and almost clashing with the room

30. Matched to the original roof

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Wow! Some of these were amazing but, if you're after some more living room inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Do You Know The 10 Latest And Greatest Lounge Styles?


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