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8 essential tricks for a tidy outdoor space

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Hong Kong is a large city, and when I say large, I mean it is a megalopolis, with (officially) over 7 million inhabitants, which ranks it just a million shy of the USA’s, New York. Living in such a huge city often means sacrificing space, as most residents occupy small, tiny or micro apartments. So when you possess an outdoor space (balcony, terrace, small exterior patch of land) it is essential you create a welcoming, enjoyable and most of all, serene city retreat.

Today on homify we’re paying tribute to outdoor spaces by providing you a few ways you can keep yours well-spruced, looking fabulous and efficiently organised. A cluttered outdoor space is unappealing, and sure to reduce your home’s style as well as its value. Read on to learn more, and groom your exterior area to look neat, refreshed and gracefully renewed.

1. Dedicate a little time each week to cleaning

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Instead of seasonal cleaning, dedicate half an hour once a week to looking at your outdoor space and giving it a thorough sweep and tidy. 

2. Look at your balcony's flooring

Certain flooring is easier to clean than others. On the balcony, different types of flooring can help reduce dirt and pollution build up. This area incorporates gravel, which works well to filter dirt, while the decking is easy to sweep, and the turf emulates the feeling of a real garden.

3. Keep your plants organised and minimal

If you overcrowd plants on your balcony, you are more likely to have a greater amount of dirt and grime build up. Keep things simple, and employ a structured array of greenery that is easy to monitor, with no nasty corners or crevices to deal with. 

4. A cohesive scheme and layout is essential

To keep your balcony looking neat and organised, you need to know where everything goes. Plan, design and layout a cohesive scheme for your outdoor space to ensure it remains ordered and efficient. 

5. Choose a colour that is easy to clean

Now, you may be thinking that white is certainly not a colour you would want to have in a heavily populate area such as the balcony, but surprisingly it can work to reflect light outside and actually appear cleaner and tidier than its darker hued counterparts. 

If you are unsure about the colour of your balcony, you can always find an expert via the homify website. We have a range of professionals that mean you can get started with your balcony renovation immediately!

6. Always wash the windows

For many individuals, a neat and tidy balcony only includes what exists outside, within that particular space. However, you'd be surprised how important the connected glazing is to the overall ambience of the area. Ensure your windows are continually cleaned and polished to keep your balcony sparkling and inviting.

7. Remember to bring your textiles and cushions indoors

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In Hong Kong, rain is a given, and this can easily destroy and ruin your exterior textiles and furniture. If you have oft furnishings outdoors, bring them inside during rain, and make sure they're aired out properly each time.

8. Go back to basics

Nothing works better than simple soap, water and time. If you are giving your balcony or outdoor space a deep clean, you should look to the simplest solution of all. A little elbow grease will really get your space sparkling, and although the grunt work might seem daunting, it will reduce your workload in the future (if you keep it clean, of course. See step 1!). 

Ready to give your outdoor space a complete clean? If you would like to keep reading, we recommend: 8 things you'll find in every stylish apartment


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