6 things we've learned from one room apartments

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6 things we've learned from one room apartments

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As cities build up, and living spaces becoming increasingly small, the one room apartment is becoming more and more common as a living arrangement- but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on privacy or comfort. We've watched as interior designers and architects work to make the most of small spaces, creating cosy, liveable, and appealing homes from one room apartments.

So how do you do it? The key is to carefully consider every aspect of your new home to allow you to get the best out of every inch, whether it be multipurpose furniture, elegant partitions, or clever tricks to alter your perception of space. We're taking a look at some great ideas to make the most of the space you have.

Use partitions

Квартира-студия в скандинавском стиле: Гостиная в . Автор – Eugene Chekhov, Скандинавский
Eugene Chekhov

Квартира-студия в скандинавском стиле

Eugene Chekhov

Sometimes it can feel like one room isn't enough, especially if you're sharing the space with someone else, but there is a way you can maintain privacy and break up the room. Partitions are a great way to separate your room into multiple spaces, and there's a lots of different ways to do it, so you can find a solution that suits your personal style.

For cosier rooms, a curtain isolating the bed is a great way to get a little privacy, while maintaining a warm, homely atmosphere. Alternately for a more modern approach partition panels can be employed to provide separate work and living spaces in your home, plus it gives you an opportunity to get creative with the decor; you can match it to the colour palette of your home, or get artistic with it.

But we really love this idea; you can use a glass wall to maintain the full sense of space, while providing a sense of quietude and repose when it's time for bed.

Employ multi-purpose furniture

Спальни в . Автор – paola bagna, Эклектичный
paola bagna

Main space

paola bagna

The best way to save space in a single room apartment is to combine all of your furniture into one! This unique multi-tasking bed also functions as a set of drawers, a bedside table, and a shoe rack, to maximise every inch of space available. Multi-purpose furniture is a must for studio apartments, and since we all need a bed we think this is a brilliant way to keep your room tidy and organised with minimal space.

Resourceful storage solutions

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Vashantsev Nik

In the box

Vashantsev Nik

The key to living in a studio apartment is storage. Clothes, books, knick-knacks; they all pile up, and if you're not careful they can take over your whole apartment. By ensuring you have adequate storage you can make sure that you always stay on top of things, but with limited space you may need to get creative.

This apartment employs a number of smart space-saving storage solutions, with bookcases filling the gaps between shelves and cabinets. But our favourite detail is the shelf above the door, where you can keep items handy, but out of sight.

Mirror, mirror

Volkovs studio


Volkovs studio

Sometimes the perception of space is as important as the space itself, and mirrors are a clever way to achieve that in a small room, while also increasing light by bouncing illumination off the walls.

By using mirrors to build a partition these architects have managed to separate the kitchen from the living room, and in doing so have actually increased the sense of space rather than diminishing it.

Loft living

Коридор и прихожая в . Автор – cristina velani, Скандинавский

Sometimes it can feel like a bed takes up an entire room, and in a studio apartment it can often become the focal point, which is not always ideal if you're entertaining- or trying to get work done! 

By employing a mezzanine or loft you free up the space below the bed, where you can place a desk or couch to spread the room. Or you can follow this apartments funky example and take advantage of every nook by creating a little hideaway.  This allows you to separate your sleeping quarters from your living area, or even have guests.

Try a sleeping platform

Спальни в . Автор – 홍예디자인, Модерн

If your apartment doesn't have the height necessary for a mezzanine a sleeping platform is a great way to utilise space in much the same way, with ample storage available underneath the bed. We especially like how the architects have built shelving into the wall to maximise the space, and you could even add a curtain to provide privacy. Alternately you could lay out cushions and a low table, and create a cosy little living room or reading area.

We hope these smart and resourceful ideas will help you turn any sized space into a comfortable home. For more great ideas on living small check out this great article!


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