Time for tea!

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Time for tea!

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 в . Автор – Muka Design Lab, Средиземноморский
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Tea is pretty important to a lot of people. To most of us, maybe. Coffee, too. It’s quite likely you find yourself largely fuelled by one or the other, or even by both on certain days. If you’re a dedicated drinker of hot things, whatever they may be, you no doubt already have an extensive collection of mugs and cups. But the beauty of a mug collection is that it is never complete. There are so many great, creative mug designs out there – and they are so cheap to buy, compared to other kitchen bits and pieces – that you can feel perfectly justified in buying mug after mug even if you clearly already have enough to see you through the next year without needing to wash any. If you have a relatively restrained kitchen design, mugs are where you can let your fun side out. It is generally understood that everyone will own at least one novelty mug, no matter how tasteful and understated the rest of their decor is. The mugs below are all cute, fun or just downright beautiful.

​Little bird

 в . Автор – Thomas Beauclair, Лофт

This sweet and peculiar little mug is specially designed for the maximum convenience in sweetening. Dip your sugar cube in its beak to watch it dissolve gradually. For those who aren’t fans of birds, it also comes in a faceless, solid coloured variation.

​Blurred lines

 в . Автор – Ismaël Carré, Эклектичный

These cups and bowls blur the lines between functions. It seems like you could drink your coffee or equally eat a bowl of cereal from almost any of them.

​Monochrome magnificence

 в {:asian=>"азиатка", :classic=>"классический", :colonial=>"колониальный", :country=>"стиле кантри", :eclectic=>"эклектический", :industrial=>"промышленные", :mediterranean=>"средиземноморском стиле", :minimalist=>"минималист", :modern=>"современный", :rustic=>"простоватый", :scandinavian=>"скандинавский", :tropical=>"тропический"}. Автор – anne kovacs,

Although these simple, handle-free cups are all different, their shared monochrome colour scheme marks them out as a family.

​Rough diamonds

The deliberately unrefined edges of these otherwise unremarkable cups brings them a contemporary flavour.

​We’re all mad here

 в современный. Автор – Kimsunghun, Модерн

These fun and playful cups look like they wouldn’t be out of place at the tea party in Alice in Wonderland.

​Fluffy friends

 в . Автор – Atomic Soda, Эклектичный

The rabbits adorning each item in this set are cute enough in themselves, but the most adorable touch of all is the little carrot placed on the tea spoon – forever out of their reach.

​On your feet

 в . Автор – Muka Design Lab, Средиземноморский

The little feet on these plain mugs brings a sense of something living to their design.

​Yum yum

 в современный. Автор – Givensa, Модерн

These greedy (and lustful?) cartoons just love the marks left on the edge of their mugs.

​Tale as old as time

 в {:asian=>"азиатка", :classic=>"классический", :colonial=>"колониальный", :country=>"стиле кантри", :eclectic=>"эклектический", :industrial=>"промышленные", :mediterranean=>"средиземноморском стиле", :minimalist=>"минималист", :modern=>"современный", :rustic=>"простоватый", :scandinavian=>"скандинавский", :tropical=>"тропический"}. Автор – Givensa,

This set is full of personality, and is reminiscent of the talking crockery in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. If you take these pieces home, you may well start expecting them to start a conversation with you at any moment.

​Infant cups

 в {:asian=>"азиатка", :classic=>"классический", :colonial=>"колониальный", :country=>"стиле кантри", :eclectic=>"эклектический", :industrial=>"промышленные", :mediterranean=>"средиземноморском стиле", :minimalist=>"минималист", :modern=>"современный", :rustic=>"простоватый", :scandinavian=>"скандинавский", :tropical=>"тропический"}. Автор – Léo MARIUS,

These cups also seem like Beauty and the Beast characters – specifically Chip, the talking baby teacup.

​Vintage prints

 в . Автор – Blue Dot Pottery Ltd, Кантри

These mugs are printed with comforting vintage style patterns that couldn’t be more homey.

​A taste of nature

 в {:asian=>"азиатка", :classic=>"классический", :colonial=>"колониальный", :country=>"стиле кантри", :eclectic=>"эклектический", :industrial=>"промышленные", :mediterranean=>"средиземноморском стиле", :minimalist=>"минималист", :modern=>"современный", :rustic=>"простоватый", :scandinavian=>"скандинавский", :tropical=>"тропический"}. Автор – VIRGINIE COUFFIN,

These rough and ready mugs, deceptively, look anything but carefully crafted. In fact, though, their crude appearance is a natural complement to their organic theme.

​For your little prince(ss)

One of the best-loved children’s books of all time provides the inspiration for this precious mug. Whether you have children you’ve read the book to or you still remember your own parents reading it to you, this mug offers beautifully reassuring way to drink your morning coffee.

​Beauty in simplicity

A basic line drawing can be a hugely effective tool in product design. Just look at these cups with their wonderfully uncomplicated illustrations.


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