Which decorating style suits your personality? You decide!

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Which decorating style suits your personality? You decide!

Leigh Leigh
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To turn a house into a home, you need to choose a decorative style that best fits your personal preferences with details that represent your cultural values, your experiences on trips and holidays, family photographs and decorative objects.

Colours, textures, murals… all of these represent good memories, which you identify with instinctively. They also represent who you are. This is important for the colours you choose for the walls of your home, the design of the objects that you decorate your home with and even the organisation of spaces. 

It is true that most of the time, the organisation of your decor just occurs naturally but you inevitably end up displaying how you view the world when doing so. Sometimes understanding your personality and your decorative style can help you to create the most beautiful home in the world!

There are so many options available to you, which is why at homify, we present you with the following ideabook. 

Today, we will look at some decor and design examples that truly represent different personalities. Let's take a look!

Rustic style merges with the more traditional

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The rustic style connects us to our roots. It brings in the presence of natural elements such as wood, stone and natural lighting. 

Simplicity is an important factor for people who prefer this style. Being in touch with nature is essential to them so that they can be relieved from the stress of everyday life. The sunset or the sound of a running river brings them peace and awakens their soul.

If these are some of your personality traits, you can choose this style for a more subtly decorated home. 

Eclectic style for the creative

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An eclectic decor style brings in different influences in the same space. It is great for those who love the diversity of music, cultures and interests, shaping a personality.

In this living room, there is a lot of inspiration thanks to the creativity, colours and patterns in this space.

What we must be careful of, however, is that this space doesn't become polluted with excessive decor elements and accessories. Clearly organise this space so that it looks neat and tidy. This way your home will also be interesting in terms of the different influences that draw attention.

Minimalist for perfectionists

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The organisation of the small details are key to a successful minimalist style. In this decor style, less is more. 

Simplicity meets sophistication, as we can see in this image by design professionals Estudio Geya. There are pieces of artwork on the wall, which have been carefully selected to contrast beautifully with the decor and furnishings. There is elegance and modernity, which create the perfect stylish home.

If you enjoy simple sophistication, this is the design for you.

Industrial but more spontaneous

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This design style will expose some of the structural elements in the home such as a raw brick wall or ventilation pipes, creating a focus around the industrial finish.

This decorative style is perfect in spaces like the living room or studio apartments. It suits young professionals, students or people who live in small apartments.

Practical and comfortable for the more stylish

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If you love the comfort of your home and enjoy receiving visitors then this style is perfect. 

A wooden floor is always a great option for this style, bringing beauty and warmth to the interiors. The sofa is also very important as it should be comfortable, soft, homely and trendy all at the same time.

Opt for lightly coloured curtains and large pot plants to bring in a harmony with nature as well as a softness to the decor. Natural light is also hugely valued!

If any of these designs speak to you, then this is the perfect plan to follow for the decor of your home!

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