5 functional beds to improve your tiny home

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5 functional beds to improve your tiny home

April Kennedy April Kennedy
Интерьер IL: Детские комнаты в . Автор – INT2architecture, Минимализм
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A bed takes up a huge amount of space in a small home and really needs to earn that space. So there are lots of functional beds that also serve as bookshelves and storage spaces. But in the past, these space-gobbling pieces of bedroom furniture have often failed in the style-stakes. But with more and more people living in small, chic apartments, there's been a growing demand for functional beds. This, of course, has led to a profusion of multifunctional beds with style! So if you're thinking of upstyling your bedroom, come with us on a photo tour to check out 5 totally functional beds. These bed designs will help you create a more functional bedroom in no time!

1. Bunk beds

Интерьер IL: Детские комнаты в . Автор – INT2architecture, Минимализм

Интерьер IL


Bunk beds have been around for ages, but if you had a bunk bed as a child, we bet it wasn't quite as stylish as this! Check out the smooth pale wood storage shelves and cupboards. These are bunk beds that an adult might even envy!

2. Retractable bed

This simple retractactable bed has curved wooden elements that give it an almost retro feel. We love how the bed almost looks like a daybed when the pillows are propped on the side. It also provides a good combination of closed and open storage.

3. Pop up bed

 в . Автор – DECADRAGES, Эклектичный

Pop-up and fold-out beds are definitely one of the trickiest functional beds to design. Many people are hesitant to install this kind of bed because the bed linen tends to get messy when the bed is packed away. But this flexible bed by Parisian designers Decadrages stays horizontal at all times. It also looks utterly stylish.

4. The living cube

 в . Автор – Till Könneker, Минимализм

Loft-style beds certainly didn't look this cool in the past. This unit is called a living cube. It has enclosed storage that can be locked up tight and open storage with an entertainment on the outside. The bed itself is reached via a ladder on the side. This would be good for a student or young worker tight on space.

5. The storage bed

 в современный. Автор – ECUS, Модерн

The fold-out storage bed is a hugely popular type of functional bed. It presents as a more classic design but provides lot of storage space. This is a good option for those who need extra space to store linen or infrequently used items.

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