10 rustic kitchens full of personality

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10 rustic kitchens full of personality

Barbara Ivusic Barbara Ivusic
Кухни в . Автор – Urbana Interiorismo,
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The kitchen is the heart of a home and rustic kitchens have always been famous for being warm, welcoming and cozy. There are often elements of stone, wood, tile or porcelain that make up the design of a rustic kitchen which exudes a touch of warmth and the familiar. Rustic kitchens are synonymous with family gatherings, the baking of bread, cooking with seasonal ingredients and of course tempting smells which make you think of home. Today we have 10 rustic kitchens to show you which are full of personality. 

Let's take a look!

1. Homely and inviting.

Кухни в . Автор – MOCOLOCCO,

Create wonderful contrasts using the materials that you favor. Play with the compositions and bring out the best of each decorative piece by using different shades of wood. In this kitchen there is a blend of different elements, from white wood to dark wood, to brick walls which add warmth to the design. A rustic kitchen is versatile and allows for combining different elements, as long as they are homely and inviting. 

2. Island bench.

Кухни в . Автор – Davonport,

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


The island bench is famous for being something that creates a fluid relationship between one room and another. It is purposeful because it acts as a kitchen counter top as well as a shelf. It also is a stylish addition to any dining room in which making food and serving it has been made convenient and easy.

3. Rustic tile backdrop.

Tiles are easy to clean and look wonderful. If you choose a rustic design to go with your kitchen, you can do a lot with the interesting textures and materials in your kitchen. This kitchen is inviting because of its patterned tiles which are placed as a backdrop in a country home. Wooden counter tops coupled with light and dark color contrasts immediately give this kitchen a homely feel. 

4. Using space effectively.

Кухни в . Автор – Churchwood Design,
Churchwood Design

Pippy oak island kitchen

Churchwood Design

Even in small homes, it is possible to make a kitchen into a cozy and welcoming space. Optimize small kitchen spaces by installing cabinets, storage units and drawers which are all part of a whole and which all adopt a rustic design creates a wonderful continuity in the kitchen. Using space efficiently can also be achieved by utilizing baskets and using them as spots in which you can group utensils and appliances. 

5. Rustic elements.

Choosing white wood and pastel colors for the walls creates a delicate effect in any rustic kitchen because it is subtle and most of all homely. A butler's sink is the centerpiece in this kitchen and not only does it appear grand and noble, it is also extremely useful because it is deep and spacious. 

6. Small details.

Кухни в . Автор – Bilgece Tasarım,

The more details the better in a rustic kitchen. Using lamps, utensils and rustic decorations will enrich the kitchen all work to create an unmatched sense of unity. 

One of the best ways to beautify the kitchen is by giving a personal touch. Use porcelain, decorate with bright colors such as rugs, window frames, add surprising elements and your kitchen environment is sure to inspire! 

7. Rustic wood.

The visual impact of rustic wood will more than meet your expectations of what rustic kitchen should have. So choosing rustic wood which has been recycled or which has served a previous purpose will give your kitchen plenty of character and makes all the difference. 

8. All in one.

Кухни в . Автор – Uptic Studios,
Uptic Studios

Lucky 4 Ranch

Uptic Studios

A rustic kitchen should be convenient and easy to cook in, so having everything located at arms reach makes all the difference. This kitchen is incredibly compact and it inspires you to linger long after you have made a meal. The island bench acts as a dining table as well as a food preparation area. 

9. Using vivid color to surprise.

Кухни в . Автор – Pixcity,

Using bright colors in a rustic kitchen is absolutely ingenious. Not only does it add an element of surprise and vivacity, it is also visually joyful. This kitchen has various textures from wood, to stone, to tile; by using a bright yellow in between the elements, the kitchen is wonderfully in-sync. 

10. Ceramic tiles and porcelain.

Дизайн частного дома в поселке закрытого типа. Anarchi&И.Мальцев: Кухни в . Автор – AnARCHI,

Дизайн частного дома в поселке закрытого типа. Anarchi&И.Мальцев


Details will add elegance and distinction to any kitchen. Ceramic plates hanging on the wall are a must in a rustic kitchen. Bright tiles such as those on the floor are also a wonderful addition. The dark wood stands out perfectly against these very colorful mosaics!


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