10 Gorgeous rustic kitchens

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10 Gorgeous rustic kitchens

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Кухни в . Автор – Sandrine RIVIERE Photographie,
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Incorporating rustic kitchens in contemporary homes has emerged as a very popular trend, owing to the warmth and cosiness such kitchens bring. In urban fast paced lives, a rustically inspired kitchen can add a dollop of countryside charm and homely vibe. Not only will you want to cook your heart out in such kitchens, but they can become ideal spaces for easy conversation and sharing of chores too. Materials like wood, stones, bricks are usually used in some way or the other in a rustic kitchen, but you can always mix and match textures and styles to jazz things up with originality. Here are 10 stunning rustic kitchens which were rendered creatively with special touches, and they can inspire you to dramatically transform the way your present kitchen looks.

1. Say yes to interesting textures

In this pretty and smart kitchen, a rugged stone wall makes an appearance to contrast the smooth polished wooden surfaces and pretty patterned ceramic tiles on the backsplash. Note how white and natural wooden hues coexist in this space along with some gleaming chrome detailing and modern appliances. A sleek shelf above the countertop helps in organising daily needs easily, while earthy looking pots and vases enhance the overall rustic charm.

2. Lights and design continuity

Кухни в . Автор – Davonport,

Orford | A classic country kitchen with coastal inspiration


A number of bare light bulbs have been suspended from the ceiling of this rustic kitchen to endorse elegant simplicity. The large wooden kitchen island with grey drawers is especially eye-catching along with the natural stone tiles that line the floor. Observe how the dining area has been neatly integrated with the kitchen, and features similar wooden furnishing with modish white seats for a seamless design scheme. Credit for this beautiful rendition goes to the kitchen designers at Davonport in Colchester.

3. Introduce contrasts

Кухни в . Автор – MOCOLOCCO,

The tasteful combination of contrasting elements can make any rustic kitchen stand out uniquely. For instance, ceramic tiles, stone tiles and herringbone patterned wood have been used for the kitchen, the dining area and the living room respectively. So despite an open plan layout, the noticeable differences in the type of flooring help each functional area to bask in its own specialty. The exposed brick wall on the left and vintage furniture for dining, also add visual interest to the union of various styles here.

4. Use small spaces cleverly

Кухни в . Автор – Churchwood Design,
Churchwood Design

Pippy oak island kitchen

Churchwood Design

Keen to have a rustic kitchen, but short on space? Don’t worry! Utilise your vertical spaces to the fullest by installing as many wooden cabinets and shelves as you need. In this kitchen, the raw finish of natural wood exudes a warm, earthy appeal that is nicely matched by the white walls and light-hued floor. And if you have some floor space to spare, bring in a compact wooden island with a couple of simple stools and wicker baskets for sheer rustic relief.

5. White can be your hero

If natural wooden tones are not your thing, or maybe you want more brightness in your kitchen, it is advisable to paint all cabinets and shelves in pristine white for a breathtaking look. See how when paired with a sleek dark granite countertop, these quaint cabinets and drawers shine with a refreshing glow. You can arrange some tiny white pots of greens on the windowsill or add some white flowers to the kitchen for additional appeal.

6. Details and accessories

Кухни в . Автор – Bilgece Tasarım,

Rustic kitchens usually come with personalised detailing or accessories that speak volumes about your originality and taste. So feel free to adorn your kitchen with vibrant and earthy rugs, old world lamps, porcelain vases or quaint knickknacks on shelves.

7. Bring wood and steel together

Few contrasting elements look as stunning as the coupling of wood and steel. So get inspired by this fashionable yet intensely earthy kitchen where raw wooden cabinets and beams have been stylishly paired with stainless steel appliances and fixtures for an incredible impact. Note how industrial chic ceiling lights and a contemporary chandelier put a modern spin on the rustic bearings of this space.

8. Use the space under your staircase

Кухни в . Автор – Uptic Studios,
Uptic Studios

Lucky 4 Ranch

Uptic Studios

For a small and cosy rustic kitchen, the space under your staircase may be ideal. Add rich wooden accents along with white cabinets and drawers as shown here, for contrast and brightness. A small island with rustic stools can cater to your dining needs if you have a small family, while powerful ceiling lights can make implementing culinary tasks easier.

9. Add colour to break monotony

Кухни в . Автор – Pixcity,

Natural wooden surfaces of different hues and stones define the authentic rusticity of this large kitchen. But what we love are the sudden splashes of bright and sunny yellow which disrupts the monotony of wooden accents. The use of yellow also helps each cabinet to stand out and make differentiation convenient.

10. What about some ceramic magic?

Дизайн частного дома в поселке закрытого типа. Anarchi&И.Мальцев: Кухни в . Автор – AnARCHI,

Дизайн частного дома в поселке закрытого типа. Anarchi&И.Мальцев


If you love dark wood but feel that it’s making your rustic kitchen look gloomy, say yes to ceramic tiles and pottery to spruce things up with brightness. See how in this kitchen, patterned and colourful ceramic tiles on the floor and backsplash have added spice and cheeriness to the space. Blue and white patterned ceramic plates on the wall provide decorative relief and add to the visual intrigue.

So pick the rustic kitchen idea you liked best, infuse it with your own innovativeness, and create a kitchen that will become the talk of the town. Consult a kitchen designer or planner or interior designer to get things going, if you are not sure of handling everything yourself. Check out another inspiring kitchen story here - 8 Magnificent modern kitchens.


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