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​Creative children’s bedroom design

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Kids Bedroom Ideas от Cuckooland Модерн
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If there’s one room where it’s worth thinking outside the box a little, it’s in your children’s bedroom. The more original and fun your decor ideas are, the more fun they will have playing in their bedrooms and the more fond their memories of childhood will be. Everyone remembers that kid from when they were growing up – the kid who had the really cool room that was the most fun to play in (even if “cool” back then only meant having bunk beds that could be turned into a secret den with the help of a hanging bed sheet).Well, it turns out it’s not that hard to give kids a space they’ll absolutely love being in. All it takes is a little inspiration.

​Get moving

This room is perfect for those with a fair bit of surplus energy. They can spend some time burning it all off on the ladder and the climbing wall seen at the back, and, once exhausted, can collapse into one of those cosy round seating areas to nap or look at a book. The novel shape and softness will be a major draw for most children, and you can bet they’ll also make the most of the play opportunities presented by the curved sides, scrambling all over them and trying to touch the top.

​Kids only

Детская комната в стиле модерн от homify Модерн

Children have a weakness for hidden dens and doorways that only they can access. The tiny door to this under-bed hideaway appears to put it off-limits to adults (though in truth you could probably squeeze in there if you needed to do some tidying), making it an appealing place for top-secret club meetings and other highly confidential kid business matters.

​Creative space saving

OK, this one is creative mostly from an adult point of view, but it does offer a novel solution to saving space if you have two children and only one small room, or if your child often has a friend over to stay.

​The butterfly princess

Jha Residence Детская комната в стиле модерн от Cozy Nest Interiors Модерн
Cozy Nest Interiors

Jha Residence

Cozy Nest Interiors

Warning: this room is for the girliest of girls only. But if your daughter does happen to be going through a pink, butterflies and princesses phase at the moment… well, this bed definitely has all bases covered. On a side note, it’s worth paying attention t the clever, and subtle, storing solutions employed all over the right-hand wall. The cabinets at the top offer storage space for all those things that rarely get used but shouldn’t be thrown out, while the pretty basket at the bottom offer easy access to everyday essentials.

​Plenty to look at

Детская от At Ome

Although tastefully understated in terms of colour and patterns, this lovely room manages to provide lots to keep the imagination occupied. Placing carved words around the room is an easy way to make the space a bit more fun, and it can be particularly helpful if your children are just starting to read.  As an added bonus, decorations like these are easy to remove as your child gets older, meaning you don’t have to repaper the entire room when they outgrow it.

​Bed or tree house?

KIDS TREEHOUSE BEDROOM BUNKBED in White от Cuckooland Модерн



What wouldn’t you have given for a bedroom like this when you were a small child? It has plenty in it to stimulate play and learning, and best of all from an adult perspective – like the room before – it will never require extensive redecoration as the exposed brick is already neutral enough for all ages. The highlight of this room, however, is clearly the unique bed, where kids will want to play during the day as much as they’ll want to sleep in it at night.


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