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A small home (or let’s rather use the word ‘modest’) is no excuse to forego your desire for style. Granted, it is a bit more difficult to keep the clutter at bay if your home has not been blessed with an abundance of legroom, but not impossible. And even if there’s not so much as a scatter cushion out of place, you still need a bit of creativity and dedication in order to make those interior styles look their best. 

Let’s look at some tried-and-tested ways in which other homeowners have (effectively) stretched their interior spaces.

1. Stick to your essentials

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Think hard about what you really need, and cut the rest. From opting for a minimalist-style living room to slimming down your wardrobe, getting rid of unnecessary space gobblers will ensure much more room for you.

2. Opt for double-duty furniture

Storage will always be a problem, particularly when you’ve run out of legroom. And since furniture pieces are quite crucial (unless you want to go for the ‘much much less’ look), it's up to these elements to help conjure up new space. 

Choose items that maximise their footprint, such as a peninsula with built-in shelves for kitchenware, a bed with added storage compartments, a coffee table with drawers, a TV unit with ample space for display and storage purposes, etc.

3. Be clever with your palette

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An open plan layout is an ingenious way of making interiors look bigger, yet you need to be able to distinguish where the dining room ends and the living room starts, for example. 

Keep it fuss-free by choosing a colour palette (such as blue) and simply varying the hues for the different areas (like arctic, navy, royal blue, etc.) – this keeps those interior layouts distinct yet harmonious.

4. Go big with wall art

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Artwork with a big presence can actually open up a small room, adding some much-needed depth and character.

5. Add some much-needed mirrors

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Built-in mirrored wardrobe doors add elegance and visual space to a room, particularly the bedroom, which we all wish could be a little bigger, right?

6. Divide and store

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Wall dividers can make a small space work without taking too much legroom away. But rather than lose some space, turn those dividers into storage pieces, such as an open bookcase for your reading collection and keepsakes.

7. Let your furniture do the talking

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build different


build different

If getting rid of some of your treasured furniture pieces is a no go plan, yet you still don’t want to overwhelm your small space, then simply do this: paint those walls a tranquil white, and let your belongings take centre stage.

This will make them stand out more instead of melting into the background, effectively making your interiors look a little more spacious.

8. Rethink those pieces

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Big Blu Furniture

Tall Industrial Side Table from our Urban Chic Range

Big Blu Furniture

If that coffee table makes the living room seem cramped, it needs to go. Rather replace it with one or two small side tables on which you can still add a lamp / vase with flowers / small yet effective décor piece. Being able to move things around instantly makes you (and your interiors) feel less restricted.

9. A better bathroom

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Narrow wall shelves are fantastic ways to store bathroom essentials in a stylish way. Opt for some eye-catching canisters to hold your soaps and shampoos, while placing unsightly toiletries under the vanity. 

Small wicker baskets on a shelf can also help with additional, hidden storage possibilities. 

Bathroom designers, painters, or tilers… homify has them all, and more, so check out our professionals page for the experts of your choice.

10. Wise window treatment

To make that small living room appear larger, add floor-to-ceiling window treatment (bonus points if you have an extra large ceiling here). This simple change will automatically draw all eyes upwards, making the room feel more spacious. 

Need a bit of light? Then don’t miss these: 9 Bright Ways To Treat Your Windows.

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